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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Angah nak jadi Auntie??

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hye dears.. (^-^) how are you dears feel today? really hope everything's fine.. just had our company's townhall yesterday, and Alhamdulillah the VSS will not be implemented for at least 4-8 weeks.. the result on whether the company will implement VSS will only be announce after 4-8 weeks, maybe after the Board approve our Annual Budget for this year.. Alhamdulillah, at least I dont have to struggling to find the mood and prepare myself for new job interviews, while waiting for the 4-8 weeks to come.. and Alhamdulillah, the company had announce 1.75 month ex-gratia for all staff, will be release in February or March salary.. (^-^) hope there's shine in our business, and may Allah bless all our effort to bring the company to the better condition, InsyaAllah.. and I will try my best to contribute my very best performance to this company, and InsyaAllah I will stay until my baby is delivered, as my hubby wants me to quit from my job when we have baby one day.. and of course I don't know when our baby will be delivered, since as for now, I am still not pregnant yet, and now waiting for my O.. hehe.. and that is only if the VSS lists doesn't include me.. (^-^)

Okay, now back to our title.. yes, Angah, my sister will be an auntie, InsyaAllah.. but not from me.. from her best-boyfriend a.k.a abang angkat, which is my mum and dad so-called anak angkat too.. they got married last November, exactly 6 months after my wedding.. lately, I dont really taken aback whenever I heard the news of my friends and colleagues and relatives pregnancy.. however, yesterday I was like, kinda upset.. and I know exactly why.. it just simply because I am her biological sister, and I havent make her an auntie yet, though I got married 6 months earlier than her foster brother.. yeah, that's the reason why I am a bit taken aback yesterday.. but then I realise that 'zuriat' is a precious gift and 'rizq' from Allah.. and surely He really knows when to give the precious gift to us.. now is his time, his 'rizq', thus I should be very happy for him, and be thankful to Allah for His gift to him.. Alhamdulillah.. (^-^) May Allah will give us the strength in facing every single matters in our life and strengthen our faith to Him.. I really know that Allah wants to tests us, so that we'll be much closer to Him, and just simply because He loves us as His servants.

Alrite dears, may Allah give us the TTCians a great strength in facing all matters and problems in our life, and may Allah grant us with such a precious valuable gifts we are longing for - 'zuriat' , 'anak' , babies, 'permata hati', 'cahaya mata' - whatever we call them, soon. I hope we can all be patient and put appropriate efforts and 'du'as' to get our own babies, and may those who didn't experience what we are now experience could understand our feelings and wont say anything that might oppose the faith, the Qada' and Qadar.. InsyaAllah, Ameen..

Till then yea dears... daaaaa!! (^-^)

P/S: I am really sorry the entry is fully written in English.. When it comes to expressing my sad emotions, I prefer to use English as it may tone down my sadness.. or at least my sadness will not increase to the worst level.. (^-^)


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