Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's 2012!!

Assalamualaikum wbt

Berakhirlah sudah tahun 2011 yang penuh dengan kenangan terindah.. Dan Selamat Datang 2012 yang bakal melukiskan 1001 memori yang sukar untuk kita lupakan, unless u got amnesia.. ;p So, kat sini saya nak share beberapa rancangan dan azam saya untuk tahun 2012 ni (ingat nak buat masa Maal Hijrah 1433H hari tu.. tapi lupa.. so ni postponed resolution for year 1433H lah kiranya yea? hehe..) Ok, azam saya tahun ini adalah:

1) Giving my very best as a Servant to Allah, a wife to my beloved hubby, a child to my mama and ayah and mak, a sister to my sisters and brothers, a staff to my bosses, a mummy to my babies (insyaAllah), and of course to my ownself.

2) I want 1433H/2012 baby (read: babies), insyaAllah.. Together me and my husband will try our best to have our own baby (babies), and if its already reach our first wedding anniversary, we'll seek for gynecologist for treatment. While for the time being, we try for traditional and natural way to conceive. May Allah grant us with His Mercy and reward us with the very precious gift - zurriyyat. Ameen..

3) I am planning to get a new job as a career enhancement.Of course it will be around Kajang or Bangi or Putrajaya or Seri Kembangan or Serdang. (^-^)

4) I am planning to pursue my Master education either in MBA, Special Education or Education. Preferably in UPM or UKM coz it's close to our house.

5) Start baking!!! hehe, I dream to have my own bakery. So it;s better for me to start baking now to improve my skills, as well as to fill my free time (thus I'll not too focus of having babies of my own, which sometimes stress me out).

Hm, so far that is all.. Kalau ada pertambahan I akan update yea? k dears, daaaaa!! (^-^)



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