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Friday, December 23, 2011

Nutox Oxyfusion & Himalaya

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hari ni saya nak cerita tentang set penjagaan kulit @ skincare yang saya baru berjinak-jinak nak pakai - NUTOX OXYFUSION dan yang dalam proses pemakaian - HIMALAYA.. (^-^) the very reason why I choose this skincare is because it's paraben-free. Paraben adalah bahan kimia berbahaya yang biasanya didapati dalam kosmetik, barangan penjagaan kulit, mandian, talkum dan sebagainya.. di bawah ni saya quote satu artikel berbahasa Inggeris berkenaan bahaya paraben:

Many people are just now finding out about the dangers of parabens. In this article I'll explain dangers of parabens and answer the question are parabens bad. Then you can decide for yourself.
Parabens are chemical preservatives such as methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl parabens that are found in many skin care products and cosmetics. You will not find parabens in organic skin care products. The National Organic Program will not allow any product to be certified organic that contain parabens.
With that in mind here are 5 facts you need to know about parabens:
Fact #1-Parabens mimic your body's own hormones and can disturb the action of your endocrine system. They cause harm to just about every bodily system such as your thyroid, ovaries, hypothalamus and the male reproductive system.
Fact# 2- It is a well known medical fact that breast cancer is stimulated by estrogen. Estrogen can be stimulated by absorbing parabens. This is one of the big dangers of parabens and just that alone should make you stay away for products containing parabens.
Fact# 3- Parabens enter your bloodstream when rubbed onto your skin. In fact you receive higher concentrations from rubbing it onto your skin than you would from drinking it! It could up to 10 times the amount! When you think about how lose weight, stop smoking, and birth control patches work this makes complete sense. After all they don't have you drink those things!
Fact# 4- If you are prone to sensitive skin parabens can cause allergic reactions and skin rashes. Many skin care products claim to be safe for sensitive skin yet they contain parabens. Even in small amounts the use of parabens over a long period of time can cause serious skin problems.
Fact# 5- If that's not enough to convince you of the dangers of parabens, then consider this. If the skin care product you are using contains parabens there's a very high likelihood it also contains other harmful ingredients such as mineral oil, alcohol and fragrance which is a real bad ingredient.
The term fragrance can mean up to 4000 different chemicals. Many of them are toxic or cancer causing. I challenge you right now to pick up a tube of any skin care product you are currently using look at the ingredients to see if it contains any parabens or harmful ingredients mentioned in this article.
In conclusion, are parabens bad? Yes they are very bad. The dangers of parabens are very real, and you need to take action now and stop using them now. You want to switch to skin care products that are made with natural plant based organic ingredients. Most natural plant based organic skin care products are now coming from New Zealand. Never buy any skin care product on TV or from a magazine until you find out exactly what's in it.
Would you like to find skin care products without the dangers of parabens? Expert author Sabrina Fox has done extensive research on the dangers of parabens and has discovered natural organic plant based skin care products coming from New Zealand. Pick up valuable free tips and see her current recommendations at: http://wwwGreatSkinTips.com
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sabrina_Fox

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1434158
 dan ini lagi satu artikel dari naturalskinhealth.com

And why would you want to find paraben free skin care products?

Look on the label of so many personal, beauty and skin care products and you’ll see a particular ingredient listed. It’s called Parabens. And there is now a big movement to finding paraben free skin care products and paraben free cosmetics and personal and beauty products.
So lets have a look at what parabens is, or are. And lets see if there are some paraben free skin care products.
Parabens are a class of chemicals used as preservatives. There are many individual parabens and different ones are used for somewhat different purposes, but primarily as preservatives.
They are efficient as bacteriological agents and as fungicidal agents. As preservatives they work against bacteria and fungi.
Parabens are found in a wide range of different personal care products like shampoos, shaving gels, cosmetics, skin care products, toothpastes, pharmaceuticals and much more. Have a look at the label of some of the personal products you’re using now and see if you can see the word parabens listed.
So why do people search for paraben free products including paraben free skin care products? Because parabens are considered by many to be a dangerous chemical, and any product that uses parabens as a preservative should be avoided.
Of course like all these things the big skin care companies and cosmetics and personal and beauty companies tell us that parabens are quite safe, and that they have been used for years. But many are starting to dispute this.
And there are studies suggesting that parabens can indeed be toxic to some people. But always the problem with studies is establishing when something is proven. At what point is it “proven” that parabens are harmful. To what proportion of the population must they be shown to be harmful before they should be removed from products?
One of these studies, for example, found parabens in the breast tissue of 18 out of 20 breast cancer patients studied. It’s only a small sample, and not statistically significant, and doesn’t prove that parabens cause breast cancer. But it’s of concern.
Other studies have suggested that parabens cause allergic skin reactions, interfere with the body’s endocrine system and may cause skin rashes.
Another study suggested that they may have a weak hormonal effect on the body.
One of the problems of using parabens on our skin is that they are readily absorbed into our skin and blood, and can be detected in our blood shortly after use. This is a little scary but again is not definitive proof that they are dangerous to our health. But it’s something to think about.
Clearly there are questions to answer about the role of parabens, there are no definitive answers yet. But the question ought also be asked, why use them if they are under a cloud?
Because there are other alternatives to using parabens as preservatives. The problem is that parabens are cheap, and so the big companies are addicted to their use because of this. It comes down to profit.
There are excellent natural preservatives available, which could replace parabens, but at a higher cost.
That’s why so many people are now searching for paraben free skin care products and paraben free products in general. The can’t be certain that the parabens are dangerous, but would prefer not to find out.
There are excellent paraben free skin care products and paraben free cosmetics available. These products work as well, usually better, than their mainstream counterparts that cling onto the use of parabens.
Until there are large scale definitive studies on the safety or otherwise of the use of parabens in our cosmetics and skin care products the question will remain unanswered. But plenty of people prefer not to take the risk, given that there are excellent parabens free skin care products and parabens free cosmetics available.
By all means research some more yourself. It’s unlikely that you come up with a definitive answer, it comes down to personal preference. Are you comfortable using a product that includes an ingredient with a question mark over it’s safety, or would you prefer to use a safer alternative?
We know what we prefer.
Written by - Natural Skin Health
Ok, untuk Himalaya, saya menggunakan mandian neem yang saya rasa best je bila guna.. sebelum ni saya guna Ginvera Green Tea, yang juga paraben-free.. dan sekarang dah beralih arah guna Neem Body Wash.. masa saya beli tu buy 1 free 1, beli dua pada harga RM13.90.. Then facial wash saya guna Neem Purifying Wash yang waktu tu saya beli dapat percuma dua tiub kecil Purifying Neem Pack, dengan harga RM18.90 tak silap saya.. best gak pakai gel wash ni.. rasa fresh & light je muka.. tapi sekarang saya pakai Honey & Citron Gel Wash sebab masa tu kat Watson takde dah stock Neem Purifying Wash ni.. Pun ok jugak.. dia macam ada biji-biji sikit.. kira macam scrub la.. Neem Purifying Pack adalah sangat best.. lepas je pakai memang muka rasa sangat bersih dan fresh.. dan muka juga rasa lebih licin (perasan sendiri je kot.. hehe).. ha, lagi satu.. saya ada pakai Facial Moisturiser Himalaya ni.. botol sangat besar.. jenuh nak habiskan.. last-last saya buat hand lotion je sebab dia macam oily sikit and takde sun protection ke apa.. hehe
Purifying Neem Pack
Ok, untuk NUTOX Oxyfusion pulak.. saya mula berminat nak cuba guna produk ni sejak saya tau tentang bahaya paraben yang banyak terdapat dalam rangkaian produk kosmetik dan penjagaan kulit di pasaran.. dan disebabkan ianya adalah paraben-free dan less chemical, makanya saya pun mencarilah produk ni kat Watson dan Guardian.. saya terjumpa trial set NUTOX hujung bulan lepas, dan saya pun try la.. Alhamdulillah, so far ok pada kulit saya.. dan hari ni saya baru je beli promotion set kat Guardian yang mengandungi NUTOX Oxyfusion Skin Reborn Exfoliator, NUTOX Oxyfusion Radiance Cleansing Gel dan NUTOX Oxyfusion Skin Refining Astringent pada harga RM65.88.. lebih kurang RM10 kurang dari harga beli satu-satu.. ingat nak beli Bird's Nest Essence sekali untuk digunakan sebagai ganti krim malam (my skin is a bit oily, so cream does not fit my skin needs), tapi next month la pulak.. sangat mahal kot.. harga after discount is Rm50.91, regular price is RM59.90.. maybe nak beli kat Watson je.. boleh redeem point, jadi murah sikit kan?? hehe.. besides, untuk cleanser, of course I will only start using it after I finish using my Himalaya Facial Wash.. hm, tahun depan kot baru habis.. hehe..
My first trial set ada Wrinkle Away Cleanser 10ml, Moisture Emulsion SPF25 15ml dan Advanced Serum Concentrate 3ml.. Harga hari tu kalau tak silap cuma RM15.9 kot kat Watson.. kalau tak silap la kan.. hehe
NUTOX Oxyfusion Bird's Nest Essence
NUTOX Oxyfusion Skin Reborn Exfoliator
NUTOX Oxyfusion Radiance Cleansing Gel
NUTOX Oxyfusion Skin Refining Astringent

Ok dears, till then, daaaa.......



  1. Assalamualaikum,Bercakap pasal NUTOX ni saya dah pun beli prodak ni ,coz di sarankan oleh pemilik salon kecantikkan.Dia syorkan saya cuba brand ni.Saya sekarang dalam tempok percubaan la .Harap-harap ianyanya serasi buat saya.

  2. Sejak saya berhenti kerja sy dan pregnant lg saya dah guna skincare apa sgt dah.. malas nak fikir sgt.. hehe.. cuma guna moogoo udder cream mixed with lovera magic gel je.. tu pun bila nak kua umah.. punyalah pemalas nak melawa skrg ni.. mujur pregnant kali ni kulit ok je.. hehe