Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, April 20, 2012


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Hye dears.. it's been so long after I post my last entry.. it's almost 3 weeks I guess.. and so much things happened within that 3 weeks until there's some that I may have forgotten.. I am not in a very well condition as I am just recovered from fever, flu & sore throat.. still got flu, but it's recovering.. and amazingly I can still go to work though I got a fever.. maybe because the headache is just barely felt, thus I still manage to drive and work.. Alhamdulillah.. (^-^) but, what upset me was that the yeast infection came again on the 2nd day of my fever, i.e. on 18th.. and I am losing my hope of getting pregnant because the yeast infection stopped us from BD.. plus, the fever attacked during the expected ovulation date, thus I cant expect the exact day of my ovulation day since the fever affects my BBT charting.. but it's ok for me.. what matters to me is the yeast infection.. I planned to do my very first pap smear this Saturday, i.e. tomorrow morning at Azzahrah Bandar Teknologi Kajang.. hope everything runs well and I want to ask for the doctor's opinion on my yeast infection case.. I am soooo tired of having the same problem every month and I believe that this may be the very cause of I am having problem to get pregnant.. hope I'll get something tomorrow..

And tomorrow too, my dearest hubby will go back to kampung without me (oh, did I tell you that I already transferred to Internal Audit Dept of the Company? Just started it this week and I catch a flu on the very first day of my transfer.. it's too cold in there.. hoho).. he needs to settle some things related to the inheritance of my late FIL's land and he'll only be back on Tuesday, and since I just being transferred this week, thus it'll not be nice to take leave so soon.. it's ok, we'll be back to kampung during the election.. but still, I feel bad because normally I'll always be with my hubby, and now I cant.. sad.. T_T

It's almost a year after our wedding, and I think I had gone through such a wonderful time with him.. we used to have more fight in the earlier months, but Alhamdulillah we are getting calmer now.. maybe because we are getting to know each other's positive & negative habits, yeah, when two person living together there'll be so much things that differs.. thus both need to calm down and learn to accept the partners good & bad..and Alhamdulillah we are almost getting there though there's still much difference between us.. hehe

And though he's still here, not going back to kampung yet, I started to miss him already.. owh hubby, how am I going to face these 4 days without u? huhu.. T_T nak ikut jugak!! 

Till then dears,



*Update: Alhamdulillah, Pap Smear result shows that I am normal, tiada masalah down there..


  1. hye adah, how are u, leh tak byk kan tulis entry in Malay? saya tak pasti la pembaca yg lain, okey kot kalo entry in English...kalo adah tak kisah, campurla skit bhs2 tu... janji tak rosak bahasa tu, take care!

    1. Hye emme, saya sihat-sihat je.. hoho, i am sorry la kalau banyak sangat entry saya in English.. thanks for your feedback yea? saya akan cuba perbanyakkan entry in Malay, or at least both Malay & English.. thanks tau atas teguran.. I do appreciate it.. =) take care too!! (^-^)